UsSunday Morning Meditation


Hatha Yoga is a path of self realization that includes many practices.  This community offering will be mainly devoted to the practice of meditation, although some gentle asana and pranayama (the practice of breathing) will be included.

Have you always wanted to have a meditation practice in your life?

Do you currently have a meditation practice and would love to set aside some time to meditate with others in our yoga community?

This yoga gathering will be held at Ruthie and Jimmy’s yoga studio in Ahualoa every Sunday morning for six consecutive Sundays from Sunday July 22 thru Sunday August 26.

There will be two sessions:
8:30-9:30 am
You are welcome to come to either or both sessions.

Please arrive 5 min early so we can begin promptly and you will not disturb the on-going practice.

Need directions or any questions?
Or call: 775-0075